Quiet Time with Jesus – M & M

Saturday, 24 October 2015

M & M stands for ‘Mystery’ and “Miracle’ ...

Jesus Christ has accomplished the purposes of God:

1)      He saved man from the punishment of sin and
2)      He saved man from the power of sin

Hallelujah! Glory and praise to God!

Sin does not come from without but from within. Sin dwells within. Temptation comes from without while sin dwells within.

Watchman Nee: Because we have pride inside (though hidden at times), as soon as outside temptation comes, the opportunity to be proud comes, and we become proud. Because we have jealousy inside, as soon as outside temptation comes, we see others better than we are, and we become jealous. Because we have a quick temper inside, as soon as outside temptation comes, we lose our temper. All the sins that man commits come from the old man within. Unquote

The old man must DIE. The way God deals with the old man is to CRUCIFY him. God’s words charge us to WASH away all of our sins in the precious BLOOD of Christ.

Because God wants the old man to die, He sent His Son to die on the cross instead. By doing so, He brought all the sinners along with His Son onto the Cross. Jesus Christ died on behalf of all; therefore all died.

The crucifixion of the old man is not an independent activity apart from Jesus, but it is done IN UNION with Christ. When Jesus died, our old man died together with Him and died in Him. We were ‘baptized’ into His death (Romans 6:3); We have grown together with Him in the likeness of His death (Romans 6:5); We have died with Christ (Romans 6:8); Our old man has been crucified with Him that the body of sin might be made of no effect, that we should no longer serve sin as slaves (Romans 6:6).

Through faith, not works, we share the result of Jesus’ death - deliverance from eternal punishment.

Through faith, we share the result of dying with Jesus - freedom from sin.

In the spiritual realm, we need to reckon ourselves DEAD with Christ. Watchfulness is something we need to exercise moment by moment. Jesus tells us to watch and pray. He said, 

Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak.
— Mark 14:38

The Cross has the power to OVERCOME the world. Victory over sins is the basis of all righteousness and is the key to proper Christian living.

Let us give Jesus all our keys of the world. In exchange, He will give us the key to proper Christian living. Praise the Lord!

The ‘self life’ is our natural life. Our self is just our ego; it is what constitutes our own individual personality. In other words, it is our soul. The self life is just the soul life.

Today, as I focus on Jesus Christ, I can ‘see’ true light - Christ in His death has brought all my ego, my ‘self life’ to the cross and nailed it there. I am not crucifying the self again but I am powerfully acknowledging the fact. If I am not united with Christ in His death, my ‘self’ will never die. Christ alone brought all the old creation together with every part of it to the cross in His death. Apart from Christ, we can do nothing.

Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it abides alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.
— John 12:24 – this verse deals with the self life
If anyone serves Me, let him follow Me
— John 12:26 - the teaching here is that the self life should be put to death.

My Prayer

Dear Father God

What You have done for us is absolutely amazing! I am willing to die!

Formerly, I might have had the intelligence to come up with many new reasoning and theories. But now, I will wait forYOUR direction and leading. 

Formerly, I might have had love and could have loved many. I have also motivated myself to love You. But now, I will letYOUR love love through me, and I will allow YOUR Holy Spirit to permeate my heart with YOUR love.

Formerly, I might have had emotions and could be joyful, angry, sad, and happy at will. But now, I will let YOU control my emotions. I will be sorrowful when YOU are sorrowful. I will be happy when YOU are happy. I will let YOU have the freedom in me. I want to remain faithful.

Indeed, it is a MIRACLE! ‘Death’ unlocks the ‘Gate of Life’ - Amen!

Lam Yee Ling

God is light; in Him there is no darkness at all. (1 John 1:5)