is the youth ministry of of our church. Its name signifies their passion for God, who is a "consuming fire" (Hebrews 12:29) and that they blaze in "Christ" ( or InC, for short).


BlazeInC serves to be a community of :

  • LOVE for both believers and non-believers, with 
  • OPPORTUNITIES to meet God, praise Him, serve and grow spiritually,
  • VERBALIZING their encouragement and support for each other, in a safe and loving


All youths from 12 to 19 years old are welcome to join BlazeInC whereby youths:

  • show love for each other through games, special events, BlazeBar, and BlazeInC Camp.
  • show love for others through combined games with Sparks, participating in church social outreach, and partnering other organisations
  • create opportunities for youths to serve in mentorship for leadership, BlazeInC worship ministry training, participating in church missions
  • build up knowledge of the Word through pulpit teaching and small-group discussions


BlazeInC Worship Service takes place every Sunday 9:30am at the Church Office, Level 4.

Check out what we've done: