L.I.F.E. @ Cairnhill


God loves. Come hide under His wings.
God gives. Come receive His power & grace.
God is Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Come experience family.
God is Good News. Come hear and be amazed.


Quiet Time with Jesus – negative or positive | 24 Oct

God is supplying all we need. He is changing hearts, mindsets, attitude, behavior, life-style, restoring relationships and so much more! Although I disappeared from the ‘scene’ where there were many activities, there is no lack of concern for the things that were and still are in my heart.

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Quiet Time with Jesus - Consecration (2) | 21 Oct

Consecration is a process, like bathing. We wet our body, apply soap, rub the dirt off our body (paying more attention to the dirtier parts), rinse thoroughly and dry ourselves.

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